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The reason why this movie is such a controversy is not just because of the censor board issue....the fact that these women happen to be women that adhere to a strict version of the islamic faith....I as an audience member that isn't a muslim has been made to think that this religion is very oppresive...and the burkha is used as a symbol to contain a woman's deep desires...i am sure her movie is good...but by using shock value to garner the interest of the audience is a cheap marketing tactic in my opinion. I am sure the director had good intentions behind this movie...but these women in the movie don't have to be muslims in order to display equal rights or lack thereof....show them as normal women who struggle to find their voice in society....the indian film industry highlights a negative connotation which is attached to the islamic faith...always very rarely you see a muslim character playing a positive role....not to say these women are portraying a negative role, but more so gives a negative perception of the islamic culture as being oppressive and patriarchal. Which might be true, but its not the only culture that adheres to that way of thinking. All the best to this film..





F L O R I D A K I L O S <3


must be release this movie...


Nice filam

At first I thought this is dumbThen I thought this is funny!Finally I thought I wish this was a real movie


Is there a movie about If there is comment on please I really want to know :)

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